The air quality in there was a mess

The last people who rented this beach house were hardcore smokers, when every one of us first opened the door for the initial walkthrough, the rank odor hit me in the face love the blade of a shovel, and i have constantly been unquestionably sensitive to odors plus especially smoke, so I put on a face covering before continuing with the tour. The beach house was seasoned plus in need of a lot of repairs, but it did come on a sizable parcel of land that overlooked the river, however a charming setting for an seasoned plus dingy beach house that needed a lot of work… especially the air quality! Although it had been empty for some weeks, the indoor air quality in this arena was still foul plus disgusting. This was not a matter of opening the windows for natural ventilation plus turning on some box fans. The entire arena needed to be scraped down to the bare walls, plus the whole HVAC duct plan needed a thorough cleaning, then besides being smokers these jokers also neglected to ever change out the air filters in the system. The seasoned air filters were so dirty they had crusted over. With no air filter to protect them, the insides of the air ducts were coated with layers of dust plus grime. It was actually quite sickening! After a full HVAC duct cleaning, modern air filters, modern paint plus carpets, plus a few nights of airing out, the arena was livable again. The air quality was acceptable, but hopefully it will keep improving over time, because every one of us won’t smoke in the house.


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