I have a concern in our a/c unit

I’ve had the most disgusting experience as of recently; I have an infestation of German cockroaches in our ductworks.

So why is it important what kind of roach they are? Well it’s because if you know anything about German cockroaches you know that they are horribly invasive and can rapidly create an infestation in your cabin if you are not careful.

If you see one I guarantee you there are more. I do not know how these horrible little things got into our ductworks and started breeding, however I do feel they need to go, and go quickly. There were multiple choices available on the market to get rid of them, everything from sprays to poison, however I wasn’t going to deal with all that, I was just going to hire a professional and have them do all the work. Since it is difficult for me to even reach our ductworks, this is the best option. I called our pest control woman and she came out and sprayed our ductworks and then cleaned them out thoroughly. Once she was finished, I had a heating and AC serviceman come out and inspect the ductworks to make sure that it was clean. I asked the worker and she told myself and others that I should be fine using our heating and cooling system. After finally getting rid of them using the exterminator, I was so relieved to have our heating and cooling plan back. The moment I saw just a few of them in our house I wanted to evacuate and burn the whole house down. Maybe it sounds a little extreme, however I can’t stand the sight of bugs.


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