There is air conditioning is provided in the garage

The summer this year is something I’m actually looking forward to.

  • I typically don’t feel like that.

I usually feel sad that the perfect weather of winter is coming to an end as March approaches. My heat pump doesn’t get much use because of how mild the winters are here, which is one of the reasons I enjoy living here. The fear of summer’s oppressive heat and humidity, however, comes with the arrival of spring. Even with fantastic residential HVAC as we have, the level of heat in this area can be oppressive. I’m thrilled to own a fantastic home with top-notch heating and air conditioning provided by a fantastic heat pump. However, because I prefer more cooling than the rest of the family during the hottest parts of the year, I also feel a little out of place in my own house. For two reasons, however, my wife is a thermostat hawk. Her higher heat tolerance is a result of her thinness. She detests overpaying for heat pump cooling comfort as well. I’m just on the verge of being a fat man who enjoys as much air conditioning as possible. That won’t happen because I’m moving somewhere else; it will happen this summer. But I do have my own space inside the house where, if I want to, I can turn on the air conditioning. In the garage, I installed a ductless heat pump. I’m not breaking the house rules about reducing air conditioning costs because this HVAC technology is so effective. I do believe that this summer I will be enjoying life because it’s the garage and I’m the only one there.


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