Opted for a more cozy winter and a heat pump

Before we finally decided to move to the south, it really did come down to the wire.

Our company was founded by my wife and me more than 20 years ago.

We grew up in a northern region where a gas furnace or boiler ran continuously for more than five months every winter. Still, it was all we were familiar with, and we were totally committed to the success of our business. We succeeded in achieving that goal and eventually sold the business for a staggering sum of money. the kind of money that indicated we could retire at 45. We weren’t parents and our work had been our shared passion, so when we sold the business, we were initially at a loss. We upgraded the heating and cooling system to get the best price because we were certain we needed more space. We weren’t really sure what to do next, though, because the house sold so quickly. In favor of the sun and a heat pump, we had always wished to do away with the winter and the gas furnace. Therefore, we decided to just go ahead and do that. After packing and downsizing our possessions, we bid farewell to the only area we were familiar with. We initially looked into more permanent options while renting a really nice house. However, this home was equipped with the most up-to-date residential HVAC and every HVAC innovation that makes living in the south comfortable. We were happy to experience our first summer with the best air conditioning we could have asked for because the summers down here are no joke.

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