HVAC replacement at the in-laws'

My parents passed away fairly soon.

Both of them passed away two years apart. And a disease struck both of them simultaneously, which was at least mercifully quick. But my wife’s parents were very fond of her, and I’m glad she got to know them. Her parents don’t operate in that manner. When I first met them, they were as icy toward me as a thermostat set to the sixties. And not much has really changed over the years. Simply put, I wasn’t the right choice for their daughter. We ultimately moved here after getting married, and I’m from the South. This distanced their daughter even more. Not only was I not wealthy, but I also belonged to the wrong political party. Nevertheless, we had a nice three-bedroom house with central air conditioning, so we could live comfortably. My office is located in one of the bedrooms, and I installed a ductless heat pump there. But as time passed, it became increasingly obvious that the in-laws wanted to relocate so they could be nearer to us. I contributed by locating them exactly where they needed to be. It was a nice condo on a golf course, and all the HVAC system required was a replacement. Before they moved in, I had the HVAC company replace the residential HVAC after they bought it. However, the ductwork needed to be replaced because it was in poor shape. I then began to consider the ductless heat pump I have in my office. In the end, the HVAC experts decided on a ductless multi split system. Unbelievably, my in-laws are thrilled with the ductless heat pumps as well.

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