A neat freak discovers ductwork cleaning

My husband and kids are smart enough not to just leave their belongings lying around.

They’re all aware of my reaction when they do this.

The order and cleanliness of the house is something we all want to keep from bothering me about. I consider myself lucky to reside in such a lovely setting with such excellent heating and air quality and numerous conveniences. I have, however, always been a complete neat freak since I was a young child. Cleaning seemed to be a coping strategy, in my opinion. My home had more than its fair share of conflict and drama when I was growing up. It had a significant negative impact on me. When things got heated and unpleasant at my mom’s house, I always felt a little out of control. I would therefore clean. This appeared to divert my attention from all the unfavorable things going on inside the house’s central air conditioning. I simply became a person who demands a tidy, organized environment over the years. That is true both inside my home’s air conditioning and in my office. So no, the kids are aware that everything has a place and that we all clean up after ourselves in addition to helping with weekly cleaning tasks. The air duct for the HVAC caught my attention during a brief break during one of those weekly cleanings. It was obviously filthy to me. I was horrified to discover that the air duct vent behind it was extremely filthy upon closer inspection. It was at that point that I learned about ductwork sealing and cleaning. I’ll tell you something else: ductwork cleaning is now an annual tradition.

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