Our pup actually enjoys the gas furnace

Our dog actually enjoys it whenever I run the heating method in the car, it’s actually a funny thing to watch while the people I was with and I were in the Winter when I take the dog out for a ride, and sporadically while the people I was with and I were in the winter, he doesn’t get to go out for a walk because the weather is just too horrible.

I always think bad whenever that happens because that means that the dog is stuck in the house for literally the entire day. I hate it when that happens because I think that he must go stir silly sporadically. She can’t just leave whenever he wants to, either! That’s why I always try to go take his for a ride in the car. It cracks myself and others up because he is always so gleeful for myself and others to turn the heating method on in the car. She gets up in the seat & presses his nose right up against the heating vents in the car! When the car starts up & the heating comes on, he sniffs & snorts like crazy. She just actually enjoys the heating method for some reason. I think that a lot of fun current stinks must come in the car through the air vents & that’s why he gets so gleeful about it. Either that, or he just prefers to think the sizzling air on his nose! Either way, it’s actually the cutest thing ever. The dog doesn’t care all that much about the heating & cooling vents inside of the house but he actually enjoys the a singles in the car, that’s for sure.
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