Freon leak leads to an HVAC scare

I was really worried about the condition of my air conditioner recently.

I am very faithful to have it worked on regularly, so I was a little concerned when it seemed to start losing its effectiveness.

It was subtle at first, but slowly, it seemed to cool less and less efficiently, until finally, I could not achieve the temperature that I wanted in the house no longer how long I let the air run. I was afraid that it would be some sort of expensive problem that I would have to deal with to get the air conditioner back up and running properly. I dreaded how much it would cost, but nonetheless, I called out the HVAC guy as soon as I could anyway. It took him a bit of time to figure out what the issue was, but when he did, I was a little relieved. He explained that there was a pinhole in the tubes that distributed freon to my system. The pinhole needed to be patched and the freon needed to be recharged in order for my air conditioner to start working properly again. This would not necessarily be all that expensive!. He explained that this sort of thing happens a lot and that it was a simple fix. Once he patched the hole, you can bet that it was quite the relief to turn the air conditioner on and finally feel that cool air washing over me! It was also a great relief to pay far less than I thought I would to have my air conditioner back!


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