A hotel room all to myself with great A/C

My company had a conference recently.

We end up flying a few states over to a major city that hosts this conference.

This is a yearly event, but it was a really welcome relief this time around. My home has been without an air conditioner for about a week. I’m hoping I will be able to pay whatever maintenance fees are required to get it back up and running when I return from this conference. In the meantime, I will finally be able to enjoy some very relaxing air conditioning within my hotel room. I had spent the last few nights in my own home quite sweaty and uncomfortable with the air conditioner completely off. I tried to use fans for relief, but of course, it’s not quite the same as having an air conditioner going. That’s why I was so happy to discover that my hotel room’s air conditioner made the room absolutely, delightfully comfortable. Another great thing is that I am the only one among my co-workers that managed to get a room for myself. There was some sort of mix up with the booking of rooms that allowed for this, and I couldn’t be happier! I don’t know what the temperature preferences of my coworkers are, but I’m so glad that I would not have to deal with any other opinion but my own when it came to what to set the thermostat to! I decided to drop the temperature to a breezy 65° that night, and I slept like an absolute rock!