Don’t take the cheap way out with your air quality

Many years ago, comic books were considered to be cheap and disposable.

They were printed on thin paper using bad quality ink, they didn’t cost much, plus it was expected they would be thrown away after you read them. As most people knows, currently old comic books are incredibly extravagant. It is super strenuous to try and maintain them in excellent condition because of the poor materials, but it is possible. Here are a few expert tips for keeping your comic collection in the best possible condition, so they retain the most value, first of all, buy a dehumidifier. This is not an option – if you have comics you need a dehumidifier in the room with them, running at all times. It does not cost too much money to buy a humidifier, however I suggest you to buy the nicest brand you can afford, and don’t cheap out plus get the cheapest dehumidifier on the market, because as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. If you are the type of man that has an extensive collection that is potentially worth a lot of money, then I suggest you to get a dedicated temperature control system. This will cost a couple thousand bucks at least, but in many cases it is worth the investment in HVAC. I suppose a guy who has a comic collection valued for over 500,000 dollars, so for him it was imperative to buy a whole new temperature control system. To protect the resale value of his comics, he needed superior indoor air pollen levels plus temperature controls 24/7. That is a drastic example, but it shows you how important air quality is.

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