The importance of good air quality in the dining room

Being a line cook at the pizzeria is not n straightforward job. I worked on the line for various years before earning an important promotion. Now I manage the dining room plus the dining section both, handling the staff plus ensuring the clients have a pleasant dining experience. The comfort of our diners and patrons is the most important thing, but it doesn’t pay to neglect the employees. When the other employees get uncomfortable or unhappy, it translates into poor service plus exhausting food. I recently got a new ventilation idea for the dining room, plus I hope it will mean an update for the performance of my entire staff. The importance of air quality in a dining room cannot be overstated, because it’s not just the cooks. Happy and comfortable chefs make better food, but poor indoor air pollen levels can make even the best food taste horrible. Eating a fantastic meal is not just the taste of the food, it’s the pleasing aromas that come along with it! When the ventilation is poor plus the same stale air keeps getting recycled, these pleasing aromas get lost in a fog of grease plus smoke. Clean air plus fantastic ventilation make the dishes taste better, & being more fantastic for the buyers plus the staff. The ventilation specialist from a local HVAC supplier not only installed the new unit my nice friend and I needed, he also performed a full air ductwork cleaning. He commanded myself and others to scrub out the air ducts plus air vents at least 3 or more than three times a year. With so much smoke plus dank moisture in the dining room, the air duct gets dirty fast.

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