I got a space furnace for the garage

Max doesn’t suppose how much data my smart temperature control retains

If it seems that I treat my young sibling too drastically, that’s because you don’t suppose him the way I do. Max has always been a screw-up, since my nice friend and I were kids. I went to college, got perfect grades, started a good career, plus bought a house. Max dropped out of college, went to jail a couple of times, plus lived in his car. When someone stole his car, Max found himself with absolutely nowhere else to go, so he showed up on my doorstep, but although Max is my sibling, he’s also a bum, so I laid down a lot of rules for him to stay here. I work as an HVAC tech, which means I am gone from my home for 50 or 60 hours a week. I told Max that if I wasn’t home, he had to stay out in the garage. I offered him a cot, a mini-fridge, plus a space furnace for comfort, but wouldn’t let Max in the main home unless I was there to supervise. What can I say, I don’t trust him! It only took a few afternoons before Max broke the rules, plus I found out because of the smart temperature control. Max doesn’t suppose how much data my smart temperature control retains. Max started sneaking into the home while I was at work plus changing the settings, then changing them back again before I got home. Max didn’t suppose the smart temperature control keeps a time-stamped log of all adjustments, so Max thought he was getting away with it! Now I have to change the locks plus kick Max out.

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