Air purifiers would go a long way at my dreadful job

I don’t like working in an old office, especially with a break room that lacks even a basic vending machine inside.

Even my previous job gave us the option of purchasing these kinds of treats while on break, so I assumed the current one would be the same.

That was a mistaken assumption for sure. I also figured that the few nice people I met on the first day would be my primary coworkers, but that also turned out to be false. Instead, I got stuck with a team of social shut-ins and recluses who have difficulty with basic human emotion and communication. I understand that these guys and gals would rather be working from home, but we have a job that must be done in a team. Sadly, the dismal breakroom and annoying coworkers just scratch the surface for why I don’t particularly like working at this company. Another big reason is the air quality inside. It starts with the terrible air conditioner that barely stops me from sweating through my shifts in the summer season. The furnace is terrible as well, often leaving me shivering at my desk during the peak cold temperatures of January and February. I typically end up wearing warm clothing or trying to sneak a space heater underneath my desk with an extension cable running to my desk’s electrical strip. On top of insufficient heating and cooling, this office’s indoor air gives me the worst allergy symptoms. I don’t know if it’s just an abundance of airborne dust or if there are fungal and bacterial problems as well. Air purifiers in each zone throughout this office would go a long way towards mitigating issues related to air quality. I know that my breathing would immediately improve with the implementation of air purifiers here at work.


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