I can only survive in the south with a really good air conditioner at all times

I had no idea what I was really getting myself into when I blindly agreed to move with my brother after we both finished college and were looking for jobs. He said that he landed us job positions at a huge company and a nice apartment to boot. In reality the apartment was a few steps above “run down” and the job left a lot to be desired. I was almost immediately disappointed and wanted to get out at any opportunity. Unfortunately, in my unended quest to find an exit from this new city, I didn’t consider what could result from making a huge geographical leap, especially from the northern midwest to the southeast. I knew that hiking would be different, but I wasn’t expecting to read about all of these different rattlesnakes and venomous spiders that I have to look out for when I’m in the woods. But one of the most annoying aspects about moving to the south is the heat and humidity. Many people down here utilize their air conditioners throughout the whole year to mitigate humidity if they’re not also trying to reduce the warm temperatures leaking inside from outdoors. I learned right away that I can’t really survive in this kind of environment without a good air conditioner. This is true for a car as well, as one single summer with an a/c in my vehicle left me covered in sweat everyday on my way to work. I had to bring a separate set of clothes to change into whenever I arrived. I even used a few body wipes to get rid of the sweat, ensuring that I wouldn’t smell by the time I reached my lunch hour at 12pm.
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