Son ruined the air conditioning unit

Why would our child do that? I still don’t get why he acts out all the time, but his main source of acting out is using paint, however the thing is I have no clue where he is getting it from.

It’s infuriating when I see him paint the fridge or even the cable screen; Do you know how hard it is to get dry paint out of a cable screen? Those are a couple of things although he has even painted our cats, on more than 1 occasion.

You’d think that a 12 year outdated would learn their lesson however evidently not. This afternoon he found paint, yeah again, & he splashed it all over the air conditioning unit. So this would be the 8th time he has attempted or ruined something. I’m angry at many things, 1 it’s paint, evidently & many it’s summer time & it’s super hot out! Now I don’t know if I can scrub this correctly or if I should call the cooling company to send out a cooling expert to look at it; Oh boy, I particularly should however what has next? I might have to get him psychiatric help or something because I’m running out of answers. I’m also hoping he did not chop the air conditioning component & it’s particularly cleaned & no damage to be done to have the cooling system repaired. Have you ever felt defeated? I can say I do now & it hurts that I cannot get our child to stop doing these sorts of things. I think I shall see if I can get him counseling on top of it.

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