Why should I call the HVAC dealer before it’s cold?

My Dad keeps letting everything in her home rot away, and since our dad passed numerous years ago nothing is legitimately being taken care of… You can see the paint is chipping a bit, dishes are barely touched, the lawn isn’tchop unless I come over and etc, however i suppose she isn’tcheerful but all I can do is show our support; Winter is coming and her home might not survive it.

I also may be a little dramatic saying that but everything is falling apart.

It’s November now and without our dad there she legitimately needs to get ahold of an HVAC worker, and my dad did all the cleaning and work around their heating and cooling systems before she passed but I’m sure it hasn’t been looked at in numerous years now. I told her to contact Charlie, the HVAC expert to come over or call the HVAC supplier to schedule something with them. If the home holds up I still want to make sure it’s warm to last the frosty Winter and 1 day walk into her home with her passed away. She doesn’t adore myself and others talking about those types of situations but it’s true. I adore our Dad and losing our dad these past couple of years has already been tough and our Dad is all I have left. If she doesn’t reach out to the heating and cooling supplier legitimately soon I’m going to schedule an appointment and if I have to I willspend money for the heating and cooling worker to do any necessary repairs. I do not care what she has to say about it but I willdo it.

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