Ductless heat pump transforms garage

I guess I really didn’t consider just how much usable space I was wasting when it came to the garage.

When we first bought this house, I remember being so excited to have an actual garage.

I lived inside apartments for a decade after college. And there were two things those apartments never had. There was never any new residential HVAC equipment and there was never a garage. So when we bought this house, it came with the latest in heating and cooling equipment and a two car garage. Actually, the garage is a bit bigger than a standard two car garage. It’s a bit wider but far more deep than most garages I’ve seen. At first, we parked my wife’s car and my truck in the garage. We also had the washer and dryer out there. But as the years went by, my truck ended up losing its space thanks to the supposed need for storage. Actually, we were just taking stuff from inside the central air conditioning of the house and dumping it in the garage. This saved us from having to either chuck that stuff or give it away. That trend continued until my wife’s car wouldn’t even fit in the garage. Before long, I wouldn’t even open the garage door because I was so ashamed of the junkyard the garage had become. Finally, I had to tackle that situation. It took me nearly a month of weekends but I got it cleaned out and organized. The wife’s car went back in the garage. But instead of putting my truck back in there, I had the HVAC company install a ductless heat pump. I then turned part of that garage space into an awesome hobby area for my wife and I.
a/c set up