I found a ductless HVAC system online.

I know I’m cheap. My wife is always yelling at me for being cheap. Why spend $10 for wavy hair, when you can a bigger bottle for $1 at the dollar store. I may need to use a bit more, but it is cheap, and that’s okay. When we were told we needed anew HVAC system, I went shopping. I wanted to purchase a ductless HVAC system. I didn’t know I should look at the SEER or the dimensions, but I knew what I was looking at. I thought I had found the perfect mini split ductless HVAC system. I was going to put a unit in every room of the house, and it would cost less than $1000. That was 10% of what I would pay to the HVAC company. I ordered the HVAC system and anxiously waited for it to arrive. When it got to the house, it was smaller than I thought it should be, but I didn’t care. I looked through the boxes, but I could find instructions on how to use it. I found a couple of pages that ten different languages, but none of them were English. I didn’t know how to install the ductless HVAC system, or how to use them. I called my brother Matt, who was an HVAC specialist. When he looked at the ductless HVAC system, he laughed. He couldn’t believe I would buy something like this online without seeing it. He told me my cheapness was going to cost me a lot of money. He told me to send it back, but the seller was no longer showing up online. This machine wouldn’t work for my house.

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