He sent me to HVAC school for homeowners.

My husband told me it was time I started changing the air filters on my own. He wasn’t always going to be around, and he wanted to know I could change the air filters in the HVAC system and in the air purifier. I didn’t want to play with those dirty things, but he was serious. He told me he found a class at the community college. The class was HVAC for the homeowner. He said he was going to go with me, but we were going to sign up for the class. I called the community college the next day and signed up for HVAC for the homeowner classes. I thought my husband and I were going to be the only ones there, but I was wrong. There were first-time homeowners, and people older than we were, and we were retired. A part of me was wondering if I fell to sleep would I snore? I was sure this was going to be boring, but I was wrong. The owner of our HVAC company was the instructor. He told us how the HVAC system worked and what each component was supposed to do. We heard what would happen if certain parts were cracked, and I knew we didn’t want that to happen. He then started showing us things we could do to help prevent things from going wrong in the HVAC system. I thought they would just show us how to change the air filters, but it went a lot further than that. We even learned how to do the inspection on our air conditioning units. That was a class I was glad my husband forced me into going to.

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