He was in desperate need of a new thermostat

Bill’s mom got him a modern smart thermostat for Christmas this year and he is over the moon about it.

He was surprised when he opened up the gift that his mom got for him and it turned out to be a vital piece for his home’s heating and cooling system. Bill’s mom knew that he’d been trying to improve the indoor air conditions in his lake house a little bit at a time. But, he didn’t have a whole lot of cash in his home improvement fund. Bill had to put a new roof on his lake house during the Summer and so that meant that he didn’t end up with lots of cash to spend on anything else in the house for the heating and cooling system. Bill was in desperate need of a new thermostat for the lake house because the old thermostat that was in the house had been there forever. It was there when he first purchased the lake house more than 6 years ago and Bill had just never gotten around to replacing it up until this point. He knows his mom found out that he was looking at new smart thermostat units and so she took it upon herself to go to the Heating and Air Conditioning corporation to buy one for him. She got a superb smart thermostat for him. Bill installed it himself and it has already made a big difference in the indoor air conditions in the lake house. He is looking forward to seeing how much cash he ends up saving on his heating and cooling bills this year!

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