Heater maintenance reminder from the app on my phone

Our wireless thermostat came with an app that alerts us on the phone when we are due for heater maintenance.

We have an electric heat pump that needs regular maintenance, and the alerts keep us on track.

Once the message comes on the phone, I point to calling the heating technician to schedule the heater servicing to avoid forgetting. We’ve been doing that since we bought our home four years ago and haven’t had any issues with the electric heating system. The servicing has ensured that we get the most out of the unit without overworking it. We are keen to ensure that it lasts as long as it’s intended because the electric heater installation cost was prohibitive. We’ve used the same HVAC serviceman from the local heating business for everything. We remain grateful to him for recommending a reusable HEPA filter because it has helped with air purification and made the entire cooling and heating device work more effectively. It’s wild to think that we knew nothing about heating equipment. Still, the thought of spending money on high energy bills or repairs has kept us on our toes and bonded us to the HVAC professional as we seek to learn more and keep up with the newest products from the HVAC supplier. Back to the thermostat, apart from the maintenance alerts, we’ve also programmed a setting that allows us to control it through the app, which is an advantage for us whenever we are away from home. It’s also meant to alert us if there’s a technical failure in the HVAC system, but we have yet to experience that.
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