My face was wet from the high humidity

In past years, my buddy and I would have two humidifiers working all winter long, however they would both be in the living room, and it would barely keep the humidity levels above forty.

This year, my buddy and I chose to go from using a humidifier to wishing my buddy and I had a dehumidifier.

The humidity was so high that I could think of the moisture on my face, but I asked my partner what was going on, and why it was so humid; and then she said she thought my buddy and I had a vapor lock. I thought she was absolutely crazy. I had never heard of a house that got vapor locked. She also said it usually kept the humidity out of the house, but something must have gone wrong. The entire vapor barrier was used to keep the humidity levels low in the summer, but it shouldn’t be working this way in the winter! We were now distraught there could be mold throughout the house with this happening. I called the central heating, ventilation and A/C company the next morning and told them about the excess humidity in the house. She came over that morning and started looking for the problem. She said she could not find anything wrong with the heating, ventilation and A/C system, but if it persisted, she would need to look at something else. She then said it was a longshot, although she was wondering if there wasn’t a concern with the HVAC duct. She called the HVAC duct cleaners and told them my buddy and I needed to have our HVAC duct cleaned before she did any further research on the rampant humidity problem.

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