There was a little bit of radiant heat coming through the window

My child was sitting by the window with a puzzled look on her face, and i asked what was wrong, plus she told myself and others it was hot sitting by the window, but the sun was shining on her face plus kept her warm; she also wanted to guess why there was ice on the window, plus yet it was so hot in her chair. I moved her away from the window, because I could guess a cool breeze coming off it. I looked at the top of the window to see if it was broken, but nothing seemed out of locale. I could also guess cool air coming out of the air vent. I was concerned about the cool air coming from the air vent, thinking it may be a problem with the oil furnace. I finally called my husband, who was going to see his sibling next door plus told him about the cool air coming from the air vents… He plus his sibling came over to the house. I also sighed, knowing they were either going to repair the oil furnace plus end up with a mess so bad, my associate and I would need a current oil furnace. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to let them go downstairs plus do anything, even though I couldn’t. I wanted to trust they could get the oil furnace repaired separate from too much trouble, but when the heating, ventilation in addition to the A/C supplier arrived an eighth later, I knew they had encountered a problem they could not handle, even though I was proud they didn’t continue trying to make the repair. The heating, ventilation in addition to the A/C specialist had the repair done in a matter of minutes. He said my close associate and I had an airflow problem, plus all he needed to do was change the old air filter.

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