We chose to play sports without a/c.

I was complaining about no longer having a/c in the house, when our friend Max overheard me.

Max told me my friend and I played hoops without a/c.

That was different, but we could not play hoops in an air conditioned gym without everyone thinking that you’re a wimp. We had to go to the local park and play hoops inside the gated area. Max asked how that was unusual from going without A/C in the condo for a couple of hours. The biggest difference was that I didn’t choose to be sizzling and sticky in the house, but I did when I wanted to play sports. Max shook his head and looked it me while saying, ‘Man, you are 1 messed up dude.’ and then he laughed. Max put his arm around our shoulders and told me to show him where I lived. I asked Max why he needed to recognize where I lived? Max put up his hands and said he didn’t need to jack me up, but he did need to get a/c in our condo for the benefit of our partner and kids. Max would want someone to help his family if they had water problems. I never knew Max was an Heating and A/C specialist until that moment. He followed me home, and within an hour he had the a/c working, and the condo was cool. He told me the next time I had repair done on the A/C unit, I should get the Heating and A/C specialist to check the coolant level. I had forgotten to call for services on the A/C unit that Spring, but I could not tell Max that.

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