I was going to try and fix the A/C unit.

My brother Bob was telling me that he was getting slammed with requests for a/c services. As brutal as the winter season had been, locals were preparing for an early summer, and a brutally sizzling summer. Having an a/c unit serviced early, almost guarantees they will be fantastic all summer, unless there was something found during the inspection. I loved the idea of getting our a/c unit serviced early, however our Heating and A/C pro told me it would take about many weeks. It was going to be nice over the weekend, and I was going to handle the service on our own. My brother Bob told me I should stay away from it. As soon as he had a free day, Bob would come to the condo and do the servicing for me. I knew Bob was an Heating and A/C specialist and tied up getting all his paying clients taken care of. I didn’t want to throw more at Bob on his only day off. Bob made me swear that I wasn’t going somewhere near the A/C unit until he got there. I swore, however that didn’t mean I was going to hold myself to the promise. I had our fingers crossed. The next day, I found the tools out they mentioned on the Heating and A/C website, and I was preparing to take the cover off the A/C unit. I heard the sound of a car pulling into our driveway. There stood Bob, and he wasn’t thrilled. His partner was with him, and he said he had somebody with him who wanted to go shopping.