Heating and A/C techs go by the luck of the draw.

Whenever I call the Heating and A/C biz, I usually deal with the same Heating and A/C specialist.

I thought this was because he is usually the closest in our area, or that he was the Heating and A/C specialist who was assigned to us.

I enjoyed getting to recognize the Heating and A/C specialist, so I knew I could trust him to be honorable, respectable, and fair. I called the Heating and A/C corporation to request them to set up an appointment for the ductwork cleaning and repair of our cooling system unit. It was only December, however my friend Ed and I often needed the a/c in the Spring. I wanted to have the service done early. They had no problem setting up the appointment and gave the time, date, and the first name of the Heating and A/C specialist who would be doing the repair this year. I didn’t recognize the first name, and I asked why Ed and I weren’t getting the same Heating and A/C specialist they always send to the house. I was told that which Heating and A/C tech you got was the luck of the random draw. With servicing, they could set up nothing except services in this area, ahead of time, and the tech would be prepared with everything he may need. I wanted to say that I didn’t recognize this specialist, however that was useless. I understood what she was saying and why they did it that way. It was far more convenient and the Heating and A/C tech was to do only A/C servicing on that day. The pro could get more work done and not need to worry about being late for most of his repair and service calls. I’ll unquestionably be the only buyer he is late arriving for.


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