It’s wise to change air filters every month

Every end or beginning of the month, I like shopping in bulk.

This means I check my pantry and drawers to see what I need to refill or add. Then I come up with a budget and a list of things to get. It’s not always to stick to my budget, but at least this saves me from spending money unnecessarily during the rest of the month. This is something that I learned from mom. She was in charge of the money once dad brought home his check, and there was never a day we ran out of food or non-food items. Things aren’t as tough for me as they were for my parents when I was young. But, that doesn’t mean I can spend money eating out every day of the week. I’m big on meal prepping and carrying lunch to my place of work. Another thing I do every month is change my air filters in the AC. I live in an area where the AC is always running for 9 months in a year. The rest of the days are mild winter which I find so amazing. Because I have to use the AC frequently, I have to make sure I replace the air filter every month. Failure to do so can affect the way the AC runs, and also mess with my indoor air quality. My uncle, who is an HVAC technician, is always adamant about replacing the air filters. It’s the best way to keep the AC running longer, and also improve the conditions in my home. Just like the food and non-food items, I also purchase air filters in bulk. There is a HVAC store in town that sells them affordably if you choose to get 2 or more cartons of air filters.



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