Going to reduce the work on the heat pump

Our heat pump is enjoying its quiet period, then we live far enough south that both of us just don’t have much demand for heating from the heat pump; There are a few times while I was in the Wintertide when the temps drop plus it gets cold in the house, but honestly, both of us have a space oil furnace that makes pretty quick work of that! So both of us pretty much leave the heat pump off while I was in the winter.

That’s about to change though.

Springtime comes quick to this region plus I’m already noticing the first signs; It won’t be long before our heat pump is genuinely producing air conditioning night plus afternoon; Of course, both of us do our best to wait as long as both of us can in order to acclimate to the heat a bit. Getting adjusted to the heat plus humidity makes it a bit easier for getting through the summer. Otherwise, I tend to just go from a single space with air conditioning to another space with air conditioning, then and both of us live in too charming a spot not to get outside while I was in the summer. But this year, I entirely want to reduce the load on the heat pump. To that end, I’m going to seal up the home as narrow as possible. All I had to do was go to the Heating plus Air Conditioning company website to find a checklist for getting our home prepared for summer. The tighter the house, the less demand is localed on the heat pump. Additionally, both of us have a smart control machine that is much more precise when it comes to managing all that cooling. This year, we’re adding some mechanical solar shades that genuinely sync with the smart control unit. I want to get as much longevity from my heat pump as I can so lightening the load a bit is an important step.


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