Common sense approach to air conditioning

I do my best to be neighborly to those in my community.

When you’re a native of this area, there are some things that you can share to help out the newcomers.

Now, I’ve also had new neighbors that wanted none of my help and that’s fine. But I’ve also seen those same people load up the moving truck and head back where they came from after one summer. For some, this region is just too hot in the summer no matter the amount of air conditioning. These folks come down here thinking that we have perfect weather all the time. We do have near perfect weather for 8 months of the year. But from June through September, the heat and humidity can be overwhelming. I’m from here and know nothing but this type of weather and it can be a bit much for me come August. But one of the things I try to relate to newcomers is a common sense approach to air conditioning. I often hear folks that are new to the area complain about how much they’re spending on air conditioning. For sure, without some type of plan to moderate the thermostat setting, all that air conditioning can get very expensive, very fast. I always suggest a common sense approach that starts with leaving the air conditioning off in the spring. Most people reach for the thermostat once the temperatures are in the mid eighties. I recommend waiting as long as possible before leaving the air conditioning on. I tried to get into May before the air conditioning stays on. After that, I make sure that the thermostat is never more than 15 degrees lower than the hottest temperature outside.



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