I got a task working with my brother

My uncle is a roofing supplier, and he has had his own supplier for the last 10 years.

  • He works on residential and commercial roofing services.

He can handle cement services, foam insulation services, and underlayment; The guy can do it all and he has a enjoyable name in town! If you look online for a roofing supplier in the city, my uncle’s website comes up in the top search results, but when I lost my task working at the freight corporation, my dad talked to my uncle to see if he could get myself and others a task, however my uncle was gleeful to hear that I was interested in being a roofing supplier. He took myself and others out to dinner and we talked about the unusual types of tasks that he can handle and the responsibilities that would be mine from morning to morning. It sounded love a lot of fun and I would get to labor outside. When I worked at the freight corporation, I was indoors all morning and barely got to see the sun. Working as a roofing supplier means being outside most of the time. It’s been about 6 weeks since I started working as an apprentice with my uncle, and so far I have l gained a lot about roofing. I can install a brand up-to-date phone roof and handle a recoat all by myself. I can also replace shingles, tiles, and handle the underlayment. In 6 weeks I have l gained a lot of skills and in another 6 weeks I might be ready to take my certification test.


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