My pal needs dental implants

A neighbor of mine has been needing to get dental implants for a couple of years now… I am not actually sure why she has not done it yet, unless it has something to do with finances.

I do not know if she has dental insurance to help cover the cost of dental implants, but she actually needs to get something done! She ended up losing a single of her front teeth a while back and she still does not have it replaced.

I feel actually excruciating for her because of the fact that she has lost a single of her front teeth. She never smiles anymore because she is so sensitive about the fact that her smile looks bad. I was talking to her the other day about the cost of dental implants and she told myself and others that they just could not afford it at this point. I feel like there should actually be some help out there for people who need to get dental implants put in. I do not feel that the cost of dental implants should be so costly that people who need them cannot get them, dental care is a single of those things that is super pressing, although I do not feel that all the people actually realize how pressing it is. I wish that I can help our neighbor with the cost of dental implants. I know that it’s actually costly, but the people I was with and I do not actually have any extra currency at this point right now either, and maybe when the economy gets better, I can help her out, and or even better, maybe she will have better insurance by then.

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