I could hear noise, but I couldn't find the HVAC technician.

I was upstairs taking care of the baby while the HvAC technician was working on my furnace.

Once I got the bay settled down, I went downstairs to check on the HVAC technician.

I could hear him working in the furnace room, but I didn’t see him. After half an hour, the noise downstairs quit, but he wasn’t coming upstairs. I went to the door to check on him, but I couldn’t see him anywhere. I decided to go into the basement, and wished I hadn’t. The HVAC technician was sitting in the corner, knocked out cold. I tried to rouse him, but he wasn’t budging. He was breathing, but he had a gash on his head. I called the HVAc company, who called an ambulance. The owner of the HVAC company showed up first, and said it looked like he went to stand up and hit his head o n the ductwork. I still had metal ductwork in my basement, and there were some sharp edges. He had a large gash on his temple that split the skin from his eye to his ear. I felt guilty, but the owner of the HVAC company told me it happened sometimes. It was a danger that came with the work. Once the ambulance showed up and took the HvAC technician away, the owner of the HvAC company called a professional cleaning company to clean up the mess in the basement. He didn’t want me to clean up the blood.I felt bad about the HVAc technician being injured, but I was grateful to have the professional cleaners cleaning up the blood. It was making me sick.



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