I just wanted my AC unit inspected.

When the HVAC technician got out of his service van, he was looking around the backyard.

  • I walked out and asked if I could help him.

He said he was checking to see where the new pad was for the air conditioning unit. He showed me his HVAC ID badge, but it didn’t say HVAC technician. He was an HVAC contractor. I wanted to know when they started sending contractors out to do a simple air conditioning unit inspection. He said he was there to make arrangements for a new HVAC system. He looked at the address and asked if this was us. It was, but that wasn’t why I called the HVAC company. I wondered if he had some inside information I wasn’t aware of. I told him I only needed an inspection done. He shrugged and said he was an HVAC technician before he got his contractor’s license and he could do an inspection, but he wanted to know if I was sure I didn’t want a new HVAC system. I told him my HVAC system was only five years old, and it wasn’t necessary. He called into his office and gave them the address. Someone had handed him the wrong paperwork, and he had to track down the HVAC technician who was going to do an inspection at a house that needed new HVAc. I laughed when he told me that while he was there, he was going to do the inspection. He needed to get back to his roots every once in a while. Ten minutes later, the HVAC technician arrived, and we were all laughing over the mix up.



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