She flipped the switch several times

Agatha bought numerous houses without looking at them first, and she has flipped houses for the past thirty years. Agatha has eyes and ears all over the place and people look out for her when they see a wonderful deal. One of her friends called Bill phoned her because he found out a storage space was coming up for auction. He said the storage space had some wonderful stuff in it and he wanted to know if Agatha wanted to bid on it. He took some pictures real quick, but Agatha didn’t get a wonderful look at everything until she was standing there in front of the storage component that she bought for $650. She flipped on the light switch that should have turned on any overhead light inside. Agatha flipped the switch 3 more times and nothing happened. She called the front office and the manager came down to the storage locker to check on the lights. He flipped it up and down the same like Agatha had done and said yeah, it’s broken. He had to phone a residential repair electrician to repair the fault. During all that time while Agatha waited for the residential repair electrician to arrive, all she could do was use a flashlight to see as much of the room as possible. When the electrician finally fixed the fault, Agatha got lights and she could see everything inside the room. There were some things that looked lavish and Bill was right about the wonderful deal.


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