Guest house comes to life with ductless heat pumps

When I sold my company for a truckload of money, I knew that I didn’t need to worry about what to do next.

My wife had been planning all of that out for years.

I sold my company and cased out of that commercial HVAC work environment. I worked hard at something I knew would make a lot of money and it did. But leaving that commercial HVAC of the office and my company behind wasn’t that tough to do. It’s not like that job or that company was my passion. To be perfectly honest, just living is my passion. So once I had all the money I would never need, I knew that my wife would hook up the rest. And sure enough, she found the coolest place for us to live. The main house has four bedrooms and three baths but it needed a lot of renovations as the place was old. This place was built before there was even any residential HVAC. The previous owners had installed ductwork and we had a nice central air conditioning situation. But this place also came with a really cool guest house. And it sits off behind the house maybe a hundred yards. It’s the perfect spot to just chill out when we don’t have company. I took charge of renovating that space. And the HVAC contractor installed a pair of ductless heat pumps to provide all the quality heating and air that I would ever need. I then had some new flooring put down and picked out some furniture. This is also where I hung the biggest TV I’ve ever seen in my life. While not a man cave so much, it’s a great place to sneak some guy time.

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