Wintertide tasks did the trick

I’m so excited to be so cozy plus warm this winter.

And so far, the two of us are saving just over 20 percent on the heating costs.

A warmer home with less heating costs? Where has that been since I moved to the north? Well, I know preparing my home for Wintertide was yet another thing that I had to learn about winter. Where I’m from, there has not much to winter. Now plus again the two of us would have to flip the control component over to heating if the two of us had a cold snap. But mostly, the winters I grew up with needed no more than a hoodie plus maybe a pair of pants occasionally. That is actually not the case in this region. This sort of cold is the kind that cuts right through you just stepping out the door. I have to say that dealing with this kind of weather in the Wintertide was way tougher to get accustomed to than I thought it would be. I’ve been up here now 6 years plus I’m still not fully actemperatured to the Wintertide cold. But I sure scored large by listening to a acquaintance when it came to preparing my home for winter. Our home is a bit on the older side although it’s structurally in good shape. But with any older structure, gravity comes into play plus produces gaps throughout the structure. So that is what Wintertide preparation really is all about. I spent a few weekends in the fall tightening up the home by sealing up all the gaps plus cracks I could find. I also put down some new insulation in the attic as well. I’m amazed by the difference plus am so thankful for all the saving when it comes to heating costs.

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