At home with my heat pump for Christmas

This was easily the best Christmas I’ve had since I’ve been married.

And frankly, it might be on the list for best Christmas ever.

The key reason for that was I was in a place where I could control the thermostat setting. Normally, and for the last 15 years, my wife and I venture north to her parent’s place for the holidays. While my wife’s parents and family are good people and I enjoy their company, I hated staying in their house. Over the years I even tried to stay in a hotel just so I could not have to sweat to death the entire time. My wife’s parents keep their home so hot that I don’t know how they can afford food given what they must pay in heating costs. I hated the fact that I was leaving such perfect weather where we live down south to go north and sit inside a sauna for a week. I couldn’t go outside to feel more comfortable because it was sub zero it felt like. So after last year, I knew in my heart that it was time for us to change things up. I even started talking to my wife about it on the trip home. We don’t have any kids so that is a big reason why we’re the ones that always have to go up north. But I suggested that since the kids in my wife’s family are all almost grown now, maybe her parents would like to come to us for Christmas. To my surprise, her parents were thrilled with the idea and we ended up having just the best time together. Thanks to zone controlled HVAC in our home, her parents did have their own thermostat in their bedroom so they could keep it as warm as they liked.

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