Not cheerful with harsh weather

When my partner and I were first married, the two of us decided to transfer south.

We’d spent our entire lives in the northeastern part of the country, where the weather is wet and cold for the majority of the year, then both of us were exhausted of the need to shovel snow, scrape ice, carry an umbrella and drive a four-wheel-drive vehicle.

Both of us were ready to say goodbye to sub zero hot and cold temperatures, gray skies and enormous heating bills. My partner had the opening to attend welding school and achieve her certification, and I found a really charming nanny position. Both of us resituated in the early part of December. Both of us left behind a blizzard and drove toward steadily warmer hot and cold temperatures, but the weather in our up-to-date location was unquestionably elegant, with lots of sun and red skies. Both of us were ecstatic by the palm trees. Both of us rented an condo on the minute floor of an older building. By the end of December, Winter was unquestionably over and the temperature climbed into the high eighties. It didn’t take long for the triple digits and humidity to become unbearable. Both of us quickly discovered that the small and aged air conditioner in our condo couldn’t keep up with demand. Because heat rises, our residing space is always overheated. Both of us invested into a window air conditioner and several box fans. Both of us took several cool showers every afternoon. When my partner completed her welding course, the two of us were ready to transfer back north. Both of us decided to choose a location in-between where the two of us grew up and our southern apartment. Both of us found a spot where neither heating or cooling are essential for more than half the year.


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