Delighted to discover high velocity heating & cooling

I was blissful to learn about the existence of high-velocity heating & cooling systems, however not so long ago, a dwelling separate from HVAC duct was truly limited in temperature control options.

My fiance & I were unwilling to take on the immense project of installing a duct system.

My fantastic friend and I didn’t want to tear down walls & ceilings, deal with a gigantic mess or sacrifice the space. The expense would have been significant. Plus our house is older & retains some original features & historic charm. My fantastic friend and I were reluctant to supply that up for the sake of centralized heating & cooling. For several years, my associate and I struggled with window air conditioners, box fans & electric space heaters. They looked ugly & couldn’t keep up with comfort. The dwelling was always overheated & sticky throughout the Summer & unpleasantly frigid all winter time long. Discovering high-velocity heating & cooling was such a relief. This type of system is designed especially for retrofitting into homes that aren’t equipped with HVAC duct. It features mini-ducts that aren’t only two-inches in diameter & flexible enough to route through the walls & ceilings separate from causing disfigurement or disruption. They bend around plumbing pipes & electrical outlets & carry the heated or cooled air at a truly high rate of speed. The actual heating/cooling component is compact enough to install into a closet. Operation raises or lowers room temperature hastily. The smaller, insulated ducts combined with short run times keep costs low. My fantastic friend and I are so cheerful to finally have a comfortable home. Every room is perfectly sizzling in the winter time & beautifully cool in the summer.

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