Home isn’t Heating for storage

I keep it simple, then life is complicated enough without adding a bunch of chaotic mess to it, however i’ve been this way since school.

I feel living inside the my parent’s condo is the impetus for my perspective.

It was a nice enough location to grow up! The condo was moderate but had fine residential Heating and Air Conditioning and a backyard that seemed to be vast when I was a kid. It would genuinely be judged just over a postage stamp grass these days, then but the central air conditioner of that condo was stuffed with my parent’s junk! Every trinket from every trip, and all the stuff that was broken but only needed to be fixed, however none of the stuff was ever fixed. I mean that pair was almost like a couple of hoarders. Not as bad as what I’ve seen on TV but way too close in comparison for my comfort… When I hit my dorm room with no air conditioner and only radiant heating in the winter, I started from scratch, but seriously, I pretty much came to school with just the basics and left school only accumulating some life essentials. Now that I have a nice condo with my own quality heating and air, we keep it scrub and organized. There is a space for everything and all our stuff is of great quality and used often. So when I found 5 boxes of stuff just stacked up in guest room, I had to inquire, and my wifey thought that she’d just store some stuff in there that she couldn’t find a location for. It’s her condo too so maybe I just have to adjust but from a few boxes, it’s a slippery slope to the guest room becoming a storage locker with air conditioner. And I just don’t feel I could handle that.
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