Making HVAC chores a priority

I’m still learning what it takes when it comes to being a homeowner.

I’ve only owned my home for about a year now. Before that, it was an apartment with ancient HVAC equipment. And before that, it was a dorm room with so much radiant heating that you had to open a window. So once I was able to get into my first house, residential HVAC was definitely the first thing to address. The house is small and a starter home but it was in decent enough shape. However, the heating and cooling equipment were not really workable at all. The rest of the renovations were things that I could deal with. But of course, I turned to the HVAC professionals when it came to replacing the central air conditioning. I went with as much HVAC technology as I could afford. The result has been the finest quality heating and air that I’ve ever enjoyed. That includes the central air conditioning in my parents house. However, I really do need to tighten up when it comes to my HVAC responsibilities. I started by buying good HEPA filters and replacing the air filters as required. But I also joined the HVAC service plan offered by the HVAC company I use. This way, the HVAC equipment get heating maintenance in the fall and then an air conditioning tune up in the spring. But the HVAC company makes the appointments so that’s not something else I will forget. I’m loving living in my house and with time, I know that I’ll get this homeowner stuff down pat.

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