Ductwork cleaning was way overdue

So I just don’t have a very good excuse for just why I went more than a decade here without ductwork cleaning.

It wasn’t as though I hadn’t been aware of the necessity of ductwork cleaning and ductwork resealing.

We belong to the HVAC service plan which focuses primarily on the HVAC maintenance. With the HVAC service plan we get heating maintenance each fall. And then when spring rolls around, the HVAC technician is back out here to do the air conditioning tune up. But there is more to the HVAC service plan than just that. If there is a breakdown, I don’t have to pay for the HVAC service charge. All I pay for is parts. Additionally, the HVAC service plan provides discounts on other services. That’s where I had first become familiar with ductwork cleaning and ductwork resealing. Yet, I just never got around to having it done. But my wife was the one who finally took advantage of one of the coupons for ductwork cleaning. I happened to be the one at home that day to welcome the HVAC technicians. And I was stunned by the amount of gunk that came out of our air ducts. There was far more debris than I thought possible. It was way, way overdue for ductwork cleaning. Once it was done, it was immediately apparent the indoor air quality had risen significantly. And I’m excited to see the added efficiency on air conditioning this summer thanks to the ductwork resealing. Having seen how much stuff came out of the air ducts, I’m wondering if those air ducts had ever been cleaned.

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