Getting more out of the garage with HVAC addition

What we were doing with the usable space in our home wasn’t all that smart.

We simply were not utilizing the area in our home very wisely.

And so much of that was due to all the junk that we had accumulated. Both my wife and I have parents who never through anything away. This probably rubbed off on us in some way because we just had so much stuff inside the central air conditioning of our home. It was crazy. There were duplicates of so many things and that was completely unnecessary. Just our clothes alone were insane. So we took a Saturday inside the air conditioning to start with our closets. We really cleaned out and ended up giving a lot of good clothing to charity. This was all such a big success that we started to focus on other areas of the house. We sort of took it section by section. And then, it was time to face the garage. This was truly the biggest waste of usable space in our home. Not only were neither of our cars inside the two car garage, it was filled with mostly worthless stuff. We started by getting anything that worked to charity. And then, it was load up for the dump. It took us a pair of weekends but we did it. We then called the HVAC company to have them install a ductless heat pump in order use part of the garage as a hobbies and craft area. I have been so pleased by the level of quality heating and air we now have in our garage. And we both love maximizing the usable space we have with the addition of the ductless heat pump.

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