Heat pump is so versatile

It’s really hard not to be impressed with the heat pump.

But my new neighbors seem to just take the heat pump for granted.

Perhaps living where you need a gas furnace for heating in the winter makes you that much more aware of the heat pump. It’s amazing to me that I’m getting all my heating and cooling from one machine. I’m new to this area and my only regret is that I didn’t move down here earlier. That might have been a great thing for me to have done. But I’m here now and I’m loving every minute of this sort of winter. I’m just sorry that it’s already February. Shoot, I could take winter all year if I could keep this sort of weather. There is just the occasional need for heating in the winter. And the heat pump is more than up to the task. While the heat pump is need more for cooling, I’ve been super impressed whenever we’ve needed a bit of heating. The heat pump doesn’t even have to run very long to knock the chill out of the house. I’m not sure that we might just turn off the heat pump next winter and rely on a space heater for our sporadic heating needs. But of course, in a month or two, the heat pump will be encountering it’s true foe when the heating and humidity get here. But again, this method of residential HVAC is amazing when it comes to cooling and balancing the level of humidity in the air. I’ve only been down here just over a year but I’m just so impressed with what the heat pump can do.


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