Air purification makes coming apartment a treat

It was poor for quite some time.

So having fantastic quality indoor air now makes it all the sweeter.

But for far too long, it just stinked bad in our home. We have three boys, two pets a cat plus several gerbils. So there’s no end of stinks in the house. When you throw in the fact that I appreciate to experiment with cooking, the household stinked bad. We keep our household pretty sealed up to maximize the HVAC efficiency so that doesn’t help either. My spouse plus I just started doing whatever my good friend and I could to try to mask the bad stinks in our home. The first thing my good friend and I did was try all the destinkizers. The plugins worked for a bit however the stink in our apartment was far more intense then a plug-in could fix. We even tried scented candles. Again this was effective in adding a fantastic deal of perfumed air over the strong stinks. But it never really did anything to alleviate the stinks. Finally, my good friend and I did more than just throw sweet stinks at the house. We did a bit of research online to learn how to effectively release a household full of stinks. My spouse plus I are spent many a late night inside the central a/c of our apartment trying to figure out what to do. Finally my good friend and I turned to the indoor experts at our HVAC business. We learned that to remove the stinks my good friend and I had to remove the bacteria from the air. So now my good friend and I have a whole apartment media air cleaner that does just that.


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