It’s time to load up on HVAC air filters

Like clockwork, I slid in plus right out of the apartment improvement store during Thanksgiving week.

This is a yearly pilgrimage I make in order to protect my HVAC device for the upcoming Christmas holidays.

I don’t get anything else at the hardware store on that trip however HVAC filters. Thanksgiving week is my signal to get an entire case of HVAC air filters. I also do the cooking in our household so that means I do the shopping, perhaps that is one of the perks of working from home. I spend my afternoon working at the ipad in the a/c of my home, however even though I get to control my schedule it can still get a bit tedious. I like the fact that I’m working from apartment unquestionably much. So it was no problem for me to snag the HVAC air filters as I was getting the turkey plus all the other good stuff. The reason I have to get an entire case of HVAC air filters is for the holiday because of one odd reason. Well maybe it’s not that odd however my spouse plus I go totally overboard when it comes to candles in the house. We have a full collection of them plus my good friend and I are adding to them all the time. Our household absolutely has more than 68 candles burning during the course of one holiday season. So that is a lot of candle wax that ends up getting stuck to the HVAC return plus plastered across the HVAC air filters. Hence, the reason I buy I case of HVAC air filters. I literally have to change them out just about once a week to keep the HVAC device from unplugged air flow.

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