There’s just no beating a great heat pump

I wonder if most everyone else has taken the heat pump for granted the way I did? It’s like getting in your car or putting on your shoes, residential HVAC is just always there.

But until I spent a few hours with an HVAC professional, I really didn’t have a clue just how impressive our HVAC equipment really was. A friend of mine that I work with knows an HVAC technician. This man has a pretty serious passion for what he does and I can appreciate that. I try to be the same way in my work. I once rode with him on an HVAC service call. It was simply an HVAC maintenance service but I was glad to see him in action. But what I didn’t expect was an education in residential HVAC. Specifically, I learned about just how amazing the HVAC heat pump really is. This piece of HVAC technology basically set the standard for residential HVAC. And it could be argued that the heat pump changed the face of our nation and the economy by simply being able to move heat energy from one place to another. That’s just how simple this genius is. But it’s really such a combination of engineering genius and basic physics. Unless you live in a part of the country that requires a boiler a gas furnace for heating, a heat pump can provide heating and cooling. It’s amazing that the heat pump only has to reverse the refrigerant flow to bring heat inside the house. For sure, I won’t be taking residential HVAC for granted again.

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