Closing out spring cleaning with a call to the HVAC company

Dealing with being cooped up inside our central air conditioning wasn’t easy on our family during the pandemic.

  • I don’t think any of us could have been any less prepared for all that went down.

Being inside the air conditioning in my home with my husband and my kids was an ordeal. But it sure was better than it could have been I suppose. It took a long while for us to sort of get our bearings once the kids were at home with us. A week later, my husband was told his offices with his zone controlled HVAC would be closing. Thankfully he kept his job but we also had to endure pay cuts as well. There was a big part of our income that just wasn’t there anymore. And my part time job was gone as the retail shop I worked in closed up. The first thing on the list was the HVAC cooling for the summer of 2020 when it came to cutting costs. We sealed up the house and dialed up the thermostat to a higher setting than ever before. It was warm in our house and we had to break out the fans. However, our efforts resulted in saving a bunch of money that summer. And once we got to the holidays, it was a mixture of comfort with routine and a heavy case of being inside too much. But we kept on. Once we made it to that spring, I decided that we’d go the extra mile when it came to spring cleaning. I called the HVAC company and had them come out to do the ductwork cleaning and ductwork resealing. It was the perfect addition since we had spent so much time inside the house.

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