It’s time to load up on HVAC air filters

Hence, the reason I buy I case of HVAC air filters

Like clockwork, I slid in and right out of the home improvement store during Thanksgiving week. This is a yearly pilgrimage I make in order to protect my HVAC equipment for the upcoming Christmas holidays. I don’t get anything else at the hardware store on that trip but HVAC filters. Thanksgiving week is my signal to get an entire case of HVAC air filters. I also do the cooking in our house so that means I do the shopping. Perhaps that’s one of the perks of working from home. I spend my day working at the computer in the air conditioning of my home. Even though I get to control my schedule it can still get a bit tedious. I like the fact that I’m working from home very much. So it was no problem for me to snag the HVAC air filters as I was getting the turkey and all the other good stuff. The reason I have to get an entire case of HVAC air filters is for the holiday because of one weird reason. Well maybe it’s not that weird but my wife and I go totally overboard when it comes to candles in the house. We have a full collection of them and we are adding to them all the time. Our house probably has more than 75 candles burning during the course of one holiday season. So that’s a lot of candle wax that ends up getting stuck to the HVAC return and plastered across the HVAC air filters. Hence, the reason I buy I case of HVAC air filters. I literally have to change them out just about once a week to keep the HVAC equipment from unobstructed air flow.

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