Don’t hire me if you can’t even change air filters

I know that I have a reputation at my work for being harshly freezing and grumpy.

I’m easily not the most personable human who has ever been in the repair industry. I know plenty of folks who are bubbly, talkative, and consumed with interacting with their clients, however, that isn’t my deal. I’m the sort of person who knows how to do my job – and that’s all I intend to deliver you. If you’re looking for a best acquaintance I can’t help you. If you’re looking for a certified heating, cooling, and air quality control specialist with several years of experience, you are in luck. This is why I am often reprimanded at the shop after clients complain about my professional demeanor; Apparently, fixing their a/c units and forced air heaters is not fantastic enough, then even though they call me out for emergency repairs, Heating and A/C diagnostics, and air quality control unit replacements… I’m also expected to do it with a shiny smile on my face, however recently, I got into trouble for having a few words with one of my residential Heating and A/C clients. They are continually calling me out to their house for unnecessary heating and cooling replaces. These people feel that they should have indoor air with the same purity as high tech medical facility use. They want me to perform miracles on their central heating and cooling devices, meanwhile, they will not do a single thing to improve their own Heating and A/C system or indoor air quality. The last time I was there, I found that the air filters in their Heating and A/C system were at least 2 years old. When I told them to fix their own air filters before they bothered to call me, they wasted no time contacting my boss at the heating and cooling repair shop.
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